Sunday, 25 November 2012

Great week in Cornwall last week. It was lovely being back there, must be getting on for 15 years since I was last there. Anyway I was there to attend a course called Design for the terrified which was very apt as I was totally terrified - you just have to say the word design and I start to panic! The course was run by Di Wells who is a fantastic teacher and full of amazing ideas and techniques so I really need not have panicked about a thing! I got totally taken out of my comfort zone as I cannot draw to save my life (I used to go and hide when it was art classes in school) but that was OK. I went with my friend Joyce and we stopped at Cowslip workshops just outside Launceston on the way there. Total chaos as they were having a christmas craft weekend and the place was just heaving! The restaurant which Joyce had been looking forward to was crammed to bursting and it was fairly difficult getting to look at the amazing stuff on sale but I did buy a beautiful jug as a Christmas present for one of my daughters.

The course was held at Bodrugan Barton, a working farm just outside Mevagissey, it dates back to Domesday and was just lovely. The owners have converted an old barn into a studio which is on the top floor with six ensuite rooms underneath so I didn't have to stagger far to my bed! I went on a few walks, two just after breakfast and one on the Tuesday which was our day off and we walked into Mevagissey, very hilly and definitely not built with cars in  mind!

The sea was about 20 minutes' walk away and it made me realise how much I miss living by the sea. I took a photo of this plant which I am planning on using Di's cow parsley screen print, just need some fabric paints, never thought I would be saying that!

cow parsley screen print

no idea what this plant is but it will look good for the cow parsley print

footpath to the coast

Now all I need to do is put everything away and go over all the new things I have learnt during the week and start doing some Christmas shopping!!