Saturday, 28 April 2012

Wuhey  - have spent two Saturdays in a row finishing off things started in quilt classes this year. Last Saturday I got the delectable mountains top put together but now need more fabric (!) to do an applique border, and today I made more blocks for the flying geese quilt which is slowly going together on what I call my design wall which is actually a sheet of polysterene and unfortunately not quite big enough for the job. Tomorrow is going to be yet another extremely wet day with rain forecast for most of the day so perhaps I can start sewing the rows together but I also need to tidy up that sewing room as I can barely move in there!
Good day on Thursday when I drove to the creative craft show at the Bath and West Showground - I was on the Region 5 Quilters' Guild stand with Sheila and Lorraine, and we had lots of interest in the quilts display and our sewing. The cats had a pay-back day yesterday as I had been out all day the day before, lots to clean up but I won't go into any nasty details but it didn't smell very sweet!
Also found out that there are two types of polenta - I needed some to make a blueberry cake and guess what I bought the wrong sort! Oh well the cake tasted OK which was the main thing but it did take 30 minutes longer to cook than the recipe said, I will know better next time.

Monday, 23 April 2012

Oh dear so much for New Year resolutions - I have become one of those annoying bloggers who forget to keep their blog up to date which is something that doesn't impress me at all. Since January I have been to France for a week, done at least four more quilt classes and even finished one quilt which is now hanging up in Thornbury Town Hall for the Arts Festival, oh and I went to London for the day in March to see the illuminated manuscripts exhibition at the British Library which was excellent but very very busy and so crowded, you had to stand for ages to wait and see the exhibits in the cabinets but they were well worth the wait. As a result I got a great book for my birthday from my two daughters, The Plantagenets which is a very large and heavy book. France was good - I went to a small town outside Avignon with my friend Gwen whom I have known since I was 8 or 9, and two of her French friends. Lovely area with great markets and nice little villages. Eurostar was impressive as was the TGV from Paris to Avignon.