Wednesday, 18 January 2012

The bag class is going well, I took a picture of my finished bag which I managed to make from scraps so I only had to buy a zip and that wasn't so bad putting it in though it did take a couple of goes to get it right!
I am not so keen on making a sample from the second class though I have to admit I haven't really looked at it. Great class at Midsomer Quilting on Sunday with Alicia Merrett making her amazing map quilts though mine will look absolutely nothing like hers. Off to Busy Bees on Saturday to do New York Beauty with Judi M, should be another good day, apart from having to pay £6 to cross the bridge!

Sunday, 8 January 2012

New year resolutions etc etc

I decided towards the end of 2011 that I had to take myself in hand and loose weight and blitz the house! My poor daughters will inherit an incredible mess if I don't start SOON. Having been through clearing my parents' house and standing in their dining room and getting very angry (I remember shouting very loudly) I have to do something to get rid of the stuff that has accumulated here. However it is now the 7th January and so far I have only cleared my shoes out! There are too many distractions such as the Quilt University class I have signed up for, designing the perfect bag (is there such a thing?) - I printed out 30 sheets (eeks will need more printing ink soon) so I need to sit and read through all of them. I did start to make the class sample yesterday but now need a zip (I hate putting in zips - maybe this will cure me?) so that means a trip to John Lewis at the Mall as I don't think there is anywhere in Thornbury selling such things.
I am also trying to change the way I shop so from now on I will be buying fruit and veg, meat and possibly bread from farm shops or local shops instead of supermarket chains. I had thought of giving up supermarkets altogether but realised I have to buy cat food, loo rolls, washing stuff and so on so maybe a fortnightly or monthly trip will cover that. I discovered the Frome Valley farm shop yesterday which was great, not as good as the one in Farrington Gurney but still a good choice of things.
Phone call from Gwen this morning so need to start booking trip to Avignon in March.