Monday, 26 May 2014

I forgot to mention yesterday that I lost my lovely old puss Smudge back in February but she was nearly 19 and a half so she had a good long life.
Now I'm down to one cat, Tigger (or Tigger the Terrible). I did think of getting another kitten when Smudge had gone but I decided to wait and see how Tiggywinks and I got on on our own, and we are OK. We get on fairly well, she can be a demanding little so and so, especially where food is concerned and it can be a battle of wills to see who gives in first - no need to say that it's usually me!

Sunday, 25 May 2014

Well after Lorraine said she had been blogging, I thought oops I have not been anywhere near my blog for ages! What have I been up to since the last time? Lots, biggest thing was going to the US at the beginning of March for a two week holiday. I went with Sheila on a P&Q Tour to Washington DC, Philadelphia and the AQS show in Lancaster. It was pouring with rain when we arrived in Washington and the weather forecasted for the next day was snow. It won't snow after all this rain I thought to myself - how wrong could I be? It snowed non stop all morning, at one point you could hardly see a thing. What surprised me was that Washington DC ground to a halt. So we had a day in the hotel which actually worked out OK as it allowed the group to get to know one another. Sheila and I put our thermals and boots on in the afternoon and went out for a walk, talk about cold! We found a Safeway supermarket and went in to get some fruit and yogurt and rushed back to the warmth of the hotel. Of course this put the itinerary up the creek but we managed to get to the Virginia Quilt Museum in Harrisonburg and then Jinny Beyer's shop the next day. The day after that we had a tour of Washington and also went to see a quilt exhibition at the women's art museum Workt by hand or something it was called, and very good too. But the service in the museum cafe was not so hot!
After Washington we went to Philadelphia where we went to the flower show, went to see the Liberty Bell,
Liberty Bell, Philadelphia
also went to see the Harlem Globetrotters which was an experience! Then on to Lancaster but unfortunately I came down with a lovely virus infection which had me in bed for the first day there. I wasn't the only one in the group that got it so poor Judi was backwards and forwards to Walmart to get various medicines to keep us all going. We had a conducted tour around the area which was good and I got to see the Amish farms plus some Amish quilt shops!

Recently I have been to the American Museum in Bath. When the museum is open during the summer, local quilt groups are invited to go to there for a sewing bee and we sit in the textile room doing some hand sewing. It was very busy there, probably because of the Kaffe Fassett exhibition that is one - definitely worth a visit. It is very colourful with his quilts, tapestries and knitting

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