Wednesday, 22 January 2014

It's amazing what you see! I was really surprised to see this car on my way to the High Street on Monday. How on earth did it get there? It  is more or less right in the centre of a small clump of trees but was it pushed there to keep it off the road or what? The police have cordoned it off with tape. It is still there today so I decided, as it was a reasonably sunny day, to walk over and take a photo.

The sad thing is that it is crushing all the beautiful snowdrops that open there at this time of year. But for the first time ever I have snowdrops flowering in my front garden, a sure sign spring is on the way.
I have managed to piece all the blocks for the Hunter's Star quilt, so now it just needs borders. I hope I have enough fabric!! The sashiko class last Saturday was good and I now have a large noshi design to stitch. My class at Busy Bees will go ahead on the 1st Feb, many thanks to Sue and Sandra for sorting things out through what must have been an incredibly difficult time for both of them. Just very sorry and sad that I won't be able to get my class supplies from them so a trip to Creativity in Bristol is on the cards for tomorrow.