Tuesday, 23 September 2014

I don't know where the time goes to but if I spent less time on the computer I might be more productive! Since my last post, the house in North Wales has been emptied and cleaned, the japanese knotweed dealt with (that was a nasty surprise) and even better, SOLD! and I didn't even have to put it on the market through an estate agent. A lovely neighbour (she actually lives at the bottom of the garden where the dreaded knotweed is) contacted me and asked if I was going to sell it as she was very interested. So after she had a survey done we had a chat and she made me an offer which I accepted. SO fingers crossed that it all goes through smoothly!
I was back up in London on the Bank Holiday Monday as it was Catrin's birthday on the Sunday. It poured with rain all day long, a really miserable day. But we went out for lunch, at the same mexican place we went to last year which gave me tummy ache, and then we set off to see Churchill's war rooms which are just off Whitehall. I thought they might be a bit on the dry and boring side but in fact they were anything but and there was tons to see there.
The first Saturday in September saw me and Lorraine head off for the very first Bristol Woolfair. This was held on the Downs so easy to get to from Thornbury, though we did go by bus. I wasn't sure what to expect but boy what a surprise! Such gorgeous yarn in fantastic colours, and all different sorts of yarn and thickness. I could have bought something from every stall but didn't. Here are one or two of the things that had to come home with me

 This was described as a pot stand but is far too nice for that so it will have pride of place on the oak chest. I love the muted colours of the felted wools - and I just happen to be starting a felt making class this coming Friday.
 This was a kit to knit a reindeer which I have done but just need to sew and stuff it. I even learnt something new which was how to make an i-cord for the antlers.
This was just lovely, it has lots of flecks in it and the colours are fantastic. I hope to make myself a cowl with it but it nearly ended up in the bin! I decided to wind it into a ball on the Monday morning and put the hank over the back of a dining chair and started winding. All went well until about half way when it started to get tangled and then ended up in the most amazing mess of a  birds nest that I have ever seen. It took me all day to get it untangled. I've since been told to use all four legs on an upended chair and that does work!

I am hoping that there will be another woolfair in Bristol in 2015 - start saving Carys!

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