Thursday, 26 February 2015

Well where does the time go to? Poor little blog has been totally ignored for six months at least. So I will forget about the remainder of 2014 and start off afresh for 2015. Things have been fairly quiet recently. I went to Exeter at the beginning of February and met up with my two daughters which was lovely and we had a huge lunch at the Rusty Bike pub. I have been trying to lose weight since January and had lost eight pounds up till last weekend when I sabotaged all my efforts and put three back on. I am off to the US in April and it would be good to shed some pounds so that my back ache doesn't get too bad with all the walking around at quilt shows etc so from now on I need to get a huge injection of self control ....
I have been knitting more than quilting recently and have knitted some mittens and am half way through a pair of gloves. My hunter star quilt has the binding on and just needs finishing off and then there's the challenge for Westbury Park Quilters which has to be finished for the 9 March. Oh and there's also the hungry caterpillar quilt I am making for my cousin's little girl who will be 3 in August, that needs a couple of borders.  Last week saw me going to the Bristol Embroiderers exhibition at Stoke Lodge with Rosemary and we had a lovely time there, and I bought a small picture called Summer seed heads which is a mixture of hand and machine embroidery on a painted background. Another fairly recent purchase was a lovely little quilt from the Midsomer Quilting 12" x 12" exhibition. The theme was music and I bid on a quilt entitled Symphonia Antartica by Vaughan Williams. The quilt was made by Roz Burt who lives in Canada and is just lovely and so beautifully made. It looks like a photo by Ponting of Capt Scott's ship the Terra Nova taken from an ice grotto but in fact is based on a photo taken by Roz's husband when he visited Antarctica. I couldn't believe my luck when I got a call from Chris at MQ to say my bid had won! All the money raised from the exhibition goes to Dorothy House, a local hospice so good to have helped a good cause.

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